Legit Script Certification and What it Means for You

In an effort to promote smooth, safe and efficient transactions, IPS Compounding is pleased to announce we have obtained Legit Script Certification. This ensures we are able to fully participate in e-commerce, online advertising and payment processing programs. The first two are not as important for us, however, the latter is crucial. In our instance ,Legit Script Certification was mandatory because certain credit card networks (like Visa and MasterCard) require certification for all pharmacy merchants.

Legit Script is recognized as the lead industry certifier for pharmacies. In fact, if you do not maintain certification from a company like Legit Script, many advertising programs, social media platforms, banks or other e-commerce websites can, and will, terminate your account. the certification is part of a broader effort to maintain regulatory compliance.

What Does Legit Script Certification Mean for You?

First, this will in no way impact how your payments are processed. Certification merely ensures we are able to continue processing payment for your prescriptions through credit card networks like Visa or MasterCard.

Second, Legit Script Certification provides peace of mind. Legit script works with us to ensure our site is up-to-date and compliant with all current pharmacy regulations in regards to e-commerce, presentation and advertising. Maintaining compliance protects you the consumer while at the same time providing a safe, uniform environment for transacting good and services.

All of this translates to safe, secure transactions. Legit Script Certification gives you peace of mind. You are already familiar with the staff and processes used by IPS Compounding to make sure your medication is delivered correct and consistently. Now, Legit Script Certification ensures your payments and our credibility are protected and trustworthy. We appreciate your loyalty. Obtaining certification shows our loyalty to you.

Legit Script and IPS Compounding: Working Together

Again, this will in no way impact how we conduct business with you, nor will it impact how are your payments are processed. Legit script certification simply ensures we are working in your best interest. As part of our agreement for certification we will continue to be monitored by Legit Script to make sure we maintain compliance in regards to your specific payment network and online safety. Legit Script certification means you are working with a trusted, respected Pharmacy committed to keeping your electronica payments safe and secure.

In fact, we are listed on the Legit Script Certification website as a trusted partner. Our commitment to compliance and your safety are the motivation behind our certification. We understand you have a choice when choosing a compounding pharmacy. As such, we are happy you chose IPS Compounding to help with your compounded medication.

Our staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Our pharmacists are skilled and available any questions you may have. legit Script Certification works in tandem with processes we already have in place to meet your compounded medication needs. This is just one more way we are providing real solutions with real value to real people just like you. Thank you for choosing IPS Compounding. We look forward to continue meeting your compounded prescription needs. We are always just a phone call or email away.