Over 55? Here are 5 Reasons to Consider Compounded Medication

As our bodies age, it may become necessary to be on more than one medication. It’s a complicated matter though. People over 55 may develop sensitivity to certain additives or preservatives used to produce their prescription medicine. In addition, they may have trouble swallowing pills or have a hard time keeping track of the sheer number they are required to take. Compounded medication can provide a benefit.

The reason has to do with how our bodies age. Over time, we become less resistant to disease. Also, we experience deterioration as well. Aging makes it more difficult for our bodies to recover from illness or injury. Plus, many people over 55 develop long term or chronic health conditions requiring life long treatment. As such, even if they are only on one medication, it may need to be adjusted from time to time. This is very difficult to do with standard prescription medication. To that end, here are 5 good reasons you should consider a pharmacy like IPS Compounding.

Physiology Changes Related to Aging

As we just mentioned, with age we become more susceptible to certain things (like winter eczema). One of these could be medication side effects. Also, aging is known to contribute to declines in organ function of the kidneys and liver. Furthermore, as we get older our central nervous system starts to change. These changes make you vulnerable. Side effects may be more pronounced as a result and and you could possibly be more vulnerable to overdose.

Also, due to aging you might require lower doses of medication than what is available commercially. Because of these factors, it is common for doctors to prescribe medication at the lowest dose possible, even lower than commercially available products. Compounded medication can meet the need.

Multiple Prescription Issues

Older adults often struggle to keep up with the number of medications they are taking. Because of this, many use some sort of pill organizer to help them manage their medicine. However, even these can be hard to keep up with, Furthermore, if they lose the organizer then they will be at risk of not taking their medicine on time. Missed doses are problematic because an interrupt is caused in the therapy regimen. Combining multiple medications into a single dose eliminates this possibility. Patients only need to keep up with a single prescription rather than multiple pills. IPS Compounding can help you take the guesswork out of your prescription medicine. Contact us to see how we can be of help to you. A compounded medication means no more splitting pills or or taking half doses. Less pill bottles and doses make it much easier for people over 55 to manage their medication.

Side Effects, Allergies and Adverse Reactions

As we briefly mentioned earlier, some people over 55 develop allergies to certain ingredients used in the constitution of the pill itself. In these instances, compounded medication is helpful. Furthermore, side effects and adverse reactions can be eliminated with compounded medicine. This is possible because patients only take one prescription rather than multiple medications which may look similar in size or shape.

Liquid Form

Liquid medicine formulations are easier to swallow for people over 55 who struggle with taking standard oral medication. Choking or missed doses due to refusal are eliminated when compounded medication can be taken in liquid form. Also, if you have trouble with stomach discomfort after taking traditional medicine in pill, capsule, or tablet form, liquid formulation can help. It is much gentler on your stomach and could eliminate the issue altogether.

Drug Shortages

From time to time, traditional pharmacies may not have your medicine. Sometimes the medicine you require is on back order or there is a drug shortage. This makes them temporarily unavailable. In addition, sometimes these medications are discontinued. This is where compounded medications can be helpful. If you have a heart condition or diabetes, you must have access to your medicine. Compounding pharmacies like, IPS Compounding, can ensure you have access to your medicine when you need it.

So if you are over 55, or have a loved one who is elderly, contact IPS Compounding to see how we can help. We can come up with a medication formulation that works best for your needs.