Summer is here which means mosquitoes are quite active. It seems like they are everywhere, looking for their next victim. Often times, you don’t even know you are bitten until you feel the welt accompanied by redness and itching. more

Usually when you think of medicine, pills or tablets are the images which come to mind. In fact, even if you are familiar with compounding pharmacies, or get your medicine from a compounding pharmacy, you are probably most familiar with pills as a dosage form. Typically, they come in nice orange bottles with white tops or something similar.  more

Millions of people suffer from wounds that fail to heal properly each year. The result is an economic impact of just over $25 billion each year.  And to clarify, this does not factor in the number of patients who seek immediate treatment for acute wounds. Thankfully, compounded medication can help with both aspects. Here are 3 reasons you should consider compounded medicine as part of your wound care treatment plan.  more