Frequently Asked Questions About IPS Compounding

Q. Who is Institutional Pharmacy Solutions?

A. IPS is a successful and rapidly growing nationwide pharmacy operation, committed to customization and superior customer service. As we expanded our pharmacy services to include compounding, these core values, “REAL PEOPLE, REAL SOLUTIONS, REAL VALUE,” helped us reach the unmet needs of patients. IPS operates 3 compounding pharmacies in Virginia, Texas, and California, licensed to service patients in almost all 50 states. Our pharmacy staff is committed to providing a unique compounding solution to the patients they serve. 

Q. What is custom compounding?

A. Custom compounding offers patients a personalized approach to managing their unique health needs. Custom-compounded medications are prescribed by licensed physicians and prepared for an individual patient by specially trained, licensed compounding pharmacists. Compounding pharmacies are licensed and regulated in the 50 states and the District of Columbia by their respective state Board of Pharmacy. 

Q. Will insurance cover compounded medications?

A. Many major insurance plans cover custom compounded medications. And for those who are not covered, we offer clear, upfront pricing.

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