Success begins and ends with people – REAL PEOPLE – people who are dedicated, skilled, and caring. Our People are committed to meeting the unique needs of each and every person we serve. Our licensed healthcare professionals are simply the best in the industry. Each pharmacist is committed to professionalism and clinical expertise and our pharmacy technicians are experts in efficiency and customer service. Backed by a dedicated corporate team, each pharmacy is equipped with the tools and resources necessary to deliver the best compounding services available. REAL PEOPLE make a company and our people make us great.


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Do you have a condition that is not being effectively treated by your current medication regimen? Compounding offers a REAL SOLUTION to meet your individual needs. Through the art of compounding, we can customize a medication specifically for you. Our pharmacists have created a broad range of formulations that can treat a wide spectrum of conditions. We will work directly with your physician to either choose one of our developed formulations or create one specifically for you. Besides specializing in pain treatment, we also offer compounds that provide REAL SOLUTIONS for wounds, scars, skin diseases, etc.


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Those with unique health needs understand that high-quality medical treatment can easily become a major financial burden. Average medications for pain management, wound care, and scar reduction can cost thousands of dollars—yet fail to effectively treat the condition. At IPS we understand the vital need for REAL VALUE in medical treatment and through custom compounding we can offer effective treatment options. Most major insurance providers cover custom-compounded medications and for those who are not covered, we offer a competitive cash payment option. Custom compounded medications offer real results — and REAL VALUE.