Wound Care Cream

WOUND CARE CREAM is custom compounded and specially designed to protect wounds and aid the body’s healing process, for quicker recovery and reduced risk of infection or other complications.

Spira-Wash™ Gel

SPIRA-WASH™ GEL, one of the bases we use in our Wound Care Formulations, is specifically designed to aid the body’s healing process by acting as a protective barrier against the air, blocking out potentially harmful microorganisms and environmental toxins. Along with guarding against contaminants, Spira-Wash™ also creates a moist environment for the wound to heal in, which has been proven to speed healing by up to 50%. And unlike many comparable products, which protect the wound but also inhibit proper washing, Spira-Wash™ is water-washable, making cleaning and debridement of the wound as easy as possible.

Meadowsweet Extract

SPIRA-WASH™ GEL CONTAINS organic Meadowsweet Extract which can potentially provide antioxidant and additional healing properties. Meadowsweet Extract may also act as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Research also suggests that Meadowsweet Extract possesses antimicrobial properties.


ALONG WITH THE NUMEROUS healing qualities found in every Wound Care Formulation we create, Wound Care Cream can also be customized at the request of your doctor. Our pharmacists will work with you and your physician to create a formulation that best suits your needs. Customized formulations can include antifungal protection, pain reduction, antimicrobial coverage (for gram-positive and gram-negative), and increased healing properties.

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