Wart Removal Options: Which One is Most Effective?

In a previous post, we covered the topic of warts. We discussed the five different types of warts and what you should know about each variety. In this post, we are going to cover common treatments and whether or not you should consider options like surgery or freezing. Warts have plagued the human race for eons. Thankfully, we have better wart removal options today then those living a few centuries ago.

Wart Removal Options

salicylic acid wart treatmentSalicylic Acid

This is an over-the-counter treatment easily obtained from your local drugstore. Salicylic acid is known as a keratolytic medication because it dissolves skin protein, or keratin. Most of a wart’s mass is comprise of this protein, as well as any unsightly, surrounding skin.


There are many different non-prescription wart removal options that use freezing as a main change agent. These are available over-the-counter as well and involve sprays that work by freezing warts to a temperature of -90°F (-57°). And while that’s cold, it’s nowhere near as cold as liquid nitrogen used by a dermatologist. Those treatments will  reach temperatures of -320°F, or -196°C, by comparison. Just keep in mind, these over-the-counter freezing methods do not work as well as freezing agents used by your doctor.


It has been reported that some people use tape to treat their warts. They cover the affected area with duct tape, electrical tape, or some other kind of non-porous tape. This treatment requires consistency and the tape must remain in place throughout. In addition, it may only be removed a few hours per week, and because it’s tape; frequent replacement is necessary. Keep in mind, many regard this to be a fairy tale. In fact, based on published studies there is proof that this method works no better than a placebo.

Are Over-the-Counter or Home Remedy Treatments Safe?

So long as instructions are followed when using non-prescription wart removal options you should be fine. However, it is important to use common sense as well. This involves not applying over-the-counter wart treatments to sensitive body areas like your face or groin. Doing so could irritate the skin making it raw and severely uncomfortable. Furthermore, it is not recommended that people with diabetes use salicylic acid as well as those with poor circulation issues.

As well, the same applies to over-the-counter freezing treatments. It’s best not to apply this method to sensitive areas where permanent damage could occur. Remember, freezing treatments are only effective because they destroy living tissue.

Should I Seek a Doctor’s Care?

While it is important to note that many warts will go away over time, remember this. Extreme patience is required. Warts could take months or years to go away so if you want to be rid of them much sooner, consulting your doctor may not be a bad idea. Remember, doctors have treatments which are more effective than over-the-counter remedies. Consequently, the likelihood of tissue damage is much lower since dermatologists deal with these sorts of issues every day.

Also, waiting could result in more warts. For instance, some warts are known to sprout, or spawn, other warts nearby. This means more unsightly skin for you and more time required for warts to disappear.

Plus, keep in mind that some wart treatments don’t work on certain people. Because of this, seeking a doctor’s advice is a good idea. They will be more familiar with your situation after diagnosis and can recommend the best treatment option for you.

Did Your Doctor Prescribe a Compounded Wart Removal Treatment?

And if you are given a compounded prescription for wart medication, we can fill it. Simply use this contact form to get in touch with us and we will mail your compounded wart medicine to you. The quicker we receive your prescription, the faster you can receive your wart medication and begin treatment.

While warts are certainly not life-threatening, they are an eyesore. Getting treatment quick and fast is the best way to effectively remedy the situation. IPS Compounding can help. We look forward to hearing from you.