Meadowsweet Extract

All of our compounded medications begin with bases created specifically for compounded topical treatments. These unique products are designed to effectively deliver the customized formulation of ingredients selected by your physician and pharmacist, but they also provide some special qualities of their own. All of our Wound Care Creams contain PCCA Spira-Wash™ Gel, a base created to protect wounds and help them heal faster. One of the unique ingredients in Spira-Wash™ that can provide added healing properties is Meadowsweet Extract.

Meadowsweet is an herb native to Europe and the Middle East that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, but in the 1800s scientists began experimenting with extracting the salicin from Meadowsweet and converting it into salicylic acid, an effective pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and fever reducer. By 1900, the Bayer company in Germany had fine-tuned this process and patented acetylsalicylic acid, calling it “aspirin.” The name was created by combining “acetyl” with “Spiraea ulmaria”—another name for Meadowsweet.

Along with the anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing qualities which made aspirin so effective, Meadowsweet also has antacid properties, useful in treating dyspepsia (indigestion), peptic ulcers, stomachaches, and other digestive maladies, and antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, making it ideal for treating and preventing infection.

The many properties of this unique natural ingredient make Meadowsweet an ideal addition to Spira-Wash™ and our Wound Care Creams.

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